My accountability partner challenged me when she saw some “small” compromises on my hunger graph last week…could I string together seven consecutive days of eating 0 to 5 or between true physiological hunger and satisfaction?

She threw down the gauntlet. (I am pleased she did.)

Today is day 4 of managing this challenge. PRAISE you, Lord!

A few thoughts of things I am learning:

1. The little foxes spoil the vineyard (Song of Solomon 2:15)–the little compromises can sneak their way into our lives…and erode things. Enough of that! No more minimizing what can cut away at a root of holiness.

2. I have found that when I am committed to this, eating outside of these parameters just isn’t an option…period. How profound this seems to me.

3. The longer I have gone in practicing eating between hunger and satisfaction, the less obsessed my thoughts are with food. This is good news to many of us!

4. There is a brief moment of temptation. (There it is again…that MOMENT thing!) If I can just make a choice to set aside that temptation in the moment, to reject it…I have found that it passes. That choice is then followed by a number of other “brief” moments where the temptation isn’t present…and during those “brief” moments my heart is flooded with joy from the Holy Spirit because I made the choice to take that moment and thought captive and surrender in obedience!

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  1. Keturah Y. January 11, 2008 at 4:18 pm #

    This post really hit me! I’ve been struggling with getting back to the principles of only eating 0-5, and not giving into my habit of nibbling when I am tempted by something. Seriously, I’ve been dubbed the Nibbler by family and co-workers.I have found that, like you, when I really focus on 0-5, I’m not focused on food and I only have momentary temptations and pressures to deal with. And isn’t it true: the principles of 0-5 and trusting God with my weight, food, and hunger is not a burden. It is unblievable how much time free time I have in my day when I’m not mentally focused on food and eating!I finished releasing one-hundred-twenty (120) pounds nearly 2 years ago, mostly on my own with the Lord. I didn’t find out about Thin Within until half-way through this period, which was a true help and answer to prayer for a means of grace.But just this year I’ve put on about ten pounds because of going back to college, being less active and giving into nibblinb. It’s been discouraging and I’ve spent a lot of time going crazy about it. Thus, my recommitment to trust and seek the Lord and apply the truths you and I (and many more!) have learned through His Word and Thin Within. I’m learning it’s not really about the ten pounds, it’s about learning to be content in Jesus 🙂 (but releasing ten pounds will be nice, too)Sorry for the long comment. I’m excited! Thank you for your blog! I’m a regular reader of it.

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