This chapter in the HEAL book, by Allie Smith and Judy Halliday, is titled Abundant Living.

It is interesting to consider what “life” has consisted of for me most of my years on this planet. Food and weight has been my nemesis (in one form or another) since my earliest memories… I don’t know about you, but I am really READY (beyond ready!) to see this change! I know God is at work changing this and gosh, how I SO much want to cooperate with him in this!

So I ask myself a question…and I ask you, too (inspired by HEAL, page 107):

What ways would your life be different if you were free from being focused on food, eating, your body, weight and anything related to this (diet, exercise, the scale, etc)? 

…it really is something to prayerfully ask the Lord to show us.

What do you think?

(PLEASE do not allow the enemy of your soul to use this as a voice of condemnation! The Lord lovingly longs to lead us into change! He does NOT use the voice of condemnation to do this. Reject that!)