As long as we cling to things we have held on to for so long, we will never experience what God has for us.

Imagine a trapeze artist…he has to be willing to let go–with CONFIDENCE–to the bar that has been holding him, in order to sail with safety to the outstretched hands that await.

That which represents safety and security, must be released.

Last night at youth group :-), we were asked what God is asking us to let go of…what must be released to his hands in order to press on, to reach forward to lay a hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of us?

Please don’t think this is “all or nothing.” God will take our moment-by-moment (remember the marble jar illustration!) offerings to him. Let’s do that…in THIS moment, let us choose to release our hold on that which we *think* brings us security…and let’s fly…he waits to catch us in his strong, reliable arms…

(Yes, I am preaching to myself!)