In preparation for our Thin Within book study, I just wanted to share with you all what my plan will be. It may adjust in the weeks ahead. 🙂

I will share two posts with you this Monday. The first will be a devotional/commentary sort of post. It will be related to the Thin Within book, but those who don’t have the book or who aren’t doing the study, I hope will be encouraged by it, too. If you *are* doing the study, please be sure to read it as it will give insight into my philosophy and where we are going. Sometimes these will also have a thought that I gleaned from my study. When I have done the live groups before, I found the Lord leading me with an over-arching theme for the week that seemed to tie the chapters we read together.

The second post will be the assignment. I will clearly mark these. If you aren’t going through the study, this is the post that will not be as likely to offer you something to sink your teeth into.

I will post late Sunday night since some of you are on Eastern time and I am here in California. I don’t want to hinder you from getting going on what is next each Monday. 🙂

Hope this makes sense!