While we were in Disneyland last night, my husband received a text that seemed to indicate that our flight out of Orange County (where Disneyland is) was due to leave in just a couple of hours. WHAT????

As it turns out, hubby had inadvertently made reservations for us to leave a full 24 hours before we planned to leave! Oh no!

Suddenly, Bob’s stress level was in OVER-drive as he anticipated righting this wrong and having to pay what could feasibly be $100 or more for two new tickets at the right time on the right day so late in the game.

Having had a relatively long day and knowing that some phone calls to work out details were yet ahead, we made our way out of Disneyland early.

In the video below, Bob and I talk about how we are very hungry–clearly at “0”–but didn’t want to stop for food on the way back to the condominium and why. This video talks about the temptation to eat emotionally–even when at a 0, but wanting to plan for what could happen if we do that…hungry and emotional.

Bob shares from a guy’s perspective.

We take you from initial concern through several segments until we finally show  you what we ended up doing.

What plan or strategy can you have in place so that when you are faced with STRESS you don’t blast through your boundaries? Have you ever considered waiting to eat–even if you are physically hungry–because you knew that if you started eating you might not stop? What can you do to avoid that predicament?

Note: We hope to make future videos closer to 5 minutes or less in length. Thank you for your patience with us as we get this figured out! 🙂