I am convicted this day…this day that commemorates and honors the birth of the Lord Jesus.
My life has been like the people in Bethlehem that Joseph and Mary asked to make room for them…no one could make room for Jesus to enter their world. No one could take the time, make the sacrifice. How like those people in Bethlehem I must be…busy about my life, my preparations for that which I value. Do I fail to make room for him in the “inn” of my life at this time of year?

There is yet time. I will set aside my preoccupation with self, with family, with food preparations, with gifts, with timing of what happens when…and offer my heart to Him…Welcome Lord Jesus. Find room here in my heart and life. Be at home here.

Merry CHRIST mas, all. (From all of us…)

From the Bylsmas – Bob, Heidi, Daniel, Michaela. Horses: Harley, Doc, Breezy, Dodger. Dogs: Daisy and Jordan. AND Dusty the Chinchilla, too! 😀