Interesting…I decided to start using my marble jar to literally record moments captured for the Lord…you know, those moments when I knew I could have chosen one thing, but chose the better thing–the godly, Spirit-led thing.

I discovered something…I had just made a good choice and I thought:

“Good, I just made the RIGHT choice..a marble in the jar for me!”

And just as quickly came the accusing thought:

“Ah, but you don’t DESERVE a marble in the jar because earlier you chose to do the lesser thing instead!”

Now whose voice do you suppose that was? It wasn’t God’s, as it was a condemning thought. But it was interesting how quickly that voice was there to challenge me to minimize the good choice instead of celebrating it.

Try it yourself and see what happens. Then, when that accusing voice wags a finger at you, clobber it with TRUTH! 🙂 I just did and relished the sound of the marble tinkling in the jar. 🙂