Last night I had a chance to see again that while there are times when Oreos may scream at me loudly, by the same token and MORE of note is how far He has brought me with regarind food as an idol to bow down to and worship. Last night we ate at what is probably my favorite *local* (relatively speaking…when you are out in the country, nothing is local) Mexican restaurant.

I ordered a full meal knowing I would take much of it home. I had no idea how much. The salsa was exceptional…but I had just a few chips loaded with salsa…how weird is that? One way that the Lord has definitely worked deliverance is that I don’t mindlessly eat chips and salsa with my meals out like I used to. I absolutely LOVED and relished the portion I *did* have, but I didn’t feel deprived at stopping.

When my two cheese enchildadas came with the beans and rice, I knew it wouldn’t take much to satisfy me. After 1/2 way through the first enchilada, with about 1/3rd of the beans and rice consumed, I was good. I felt GOOD. I stopped and didn’t mess with it even though the waitress didn’t bring the to go container for a while.

THIS IS DELIVERANCE! 🙂 More so, the joy that I had doing this…the fact that I didn’t feel deprived…that is all evidence of God at work. In fact, I rejoiced that I would have enough food for two more meals (or maybe 3) at home from the leftovers!

Thank you, Lord, for caring about even these small things….they really are indicative of HUGE changes in my life. THANK YOU!