Two days ago, I started to pray that my husband would have a tender heart to the TW message. He has a family history of heart disease and diabetes and carries weight around his middle. He is adorable! 🙂 Don’t get me wrong. He is my “Chubby Bunny.” But I have been concerned about his health. It just struck me that to live a high stress life, to eat what you want, never exercise…it is the height of arrogance to think that it won’t catch up with you sometime. So I finally started to pray.

My dear husband who supported me all through the work I did for Judy and Arthur Halliday as we wrote the Thin Within book, has never read it! Now if HE had been involved in the writing of a book, *I* would have read it just because! LOL! He told me last night that he hadn’t wanted to read it because he didn’t want to hear the message of it…that he knows he has an ungodly attachment to food. wow. God is moving mountains! But NOW he feels he is going to read it. WOW!

I asked him later if he wanted to talk about it as he read and he said maybe…well…I asked him then if I needed to back off for now and he said yes. 🙂 So, I will continue to pray. Last night he ate what I did at McDonalds when we went out with the family. There is a new thing they have…it really works. Called a “snack wrap,” it costs next to nothing ($1.39) and includes some grilled chicken, salsa, and a little bit of cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla. McDonalds probably has it available for the Atkins folks, but for me, it is perfect! Bob liked it, too! He said he was even satisfied and it was all his idea. Not only that, but he joined me in buying a small size soda. God has worked in me to release the GREED in the soda thing! WOW!

God really IS doing a new thing! A BUNCH of new thingS!

I have rejoiced in my freedom from HAVING to have desserts or to eat when I am not hungry. It is like it just doesn’t seem to happen much at all any more….and, well…I really have been brought to my knees in thankful appreciation. This isn’t SELF control. I know my SELF well enough to know that just would NOT happen! This is HIM doing it for sure!

So, early this morning I felt Jesus actually NUDGE me to get on the scale. I asked him if it was really him and he said “YES! I want you to see something!” (He seems to have me get on more OFTEN than *I* thought I was supposed to! Interesting how he blows the lids off of all my “God Boxes!”)

What I saw–the numbers–floored me. The number was 4 pounds less than the number that was 2 pounds less than my “original goal by May 1!” (Did that make sense? LOL!) I have no idea where he will take this, but this is TOTALLY a God thing! I am floored at what HE is doing and it is clear to me it is HIM. I am not starving…not at all. I eat whenever I am hungry. I typically stop before I feel the food in my stomach…I stop when I am not hungry any more (well most of the time). I love eating this way…no worries, no hangups, no obsession! THANK YOU LORD!

Anyhow, I know that things cause weight to go up and down so won’t go jumping on again any time soon (well, I guess unless he tells me to!), but I think one thing that has caused more weight to be released than I thought might be is that He has led me to choose more beneficial foods than I had previously. For instance, I *always* ate fried chicken when we went out. God led me during the work on the Fit Kids book to let go of my hold on fried chicken even between 0 and 3 or 4. I just won’t eat it…Not that I can’t…I can. It is permissible. I am FREE to eat it and now, I am free NOT to eat it! WHOO HOO! It was not a big deal to let go of it…another God thing! I just love this!

Every time I turn around there is something new happening….I love how God knocks my socks off all the time! My husband’s heart is softening to the message of TW (and living it himself) and more weight has been released from my body. I now weigh less than I have in over 10 years! 56 pounds are released now since Mid-November. Somehow, I wish I could talk to that lady who God used to get me to turn back to Him and thank her for being an unlikely catalyst for a God-sized work!