Tomorrow, my family and I leave for 8 days.

Have I ever confessed how I feel about traveling? I hate traveling. I am a homebody! I love being home. In fact, my husband and kids can have a great time without me and I delight in the alone time at home. Sounds sad, doesn’t it?

But God has put it in my heart to actually look forward to this now. My kids–Michaela 13 and Daniel 15–their wonderful Dad and I are heading to the east coast. We live in California, so this isn’t just around the corner. This will be the biggest trip we have ever taken…the farthest, the most “hopping around.” We are going to Washington D.C., Virginia (Richmond and Williamsburg), Maryland to see the Chincoteague “wild” horses, Philadephia to see the Liberty Bell and things like that, and Lancaster County to enjoy the Amish folks and some railroad stuff the boys want to see.

This is a LOT of traveling! YIKES!

I noticed the last two times i have been on a trip that my “Flesh Machinery” would kick in that said “I am on vacation from eating 0 to 5, too!”

So, I am starting this trip planning on having a godly boundary IN TACT. I will remain committed to 0 to 5 except in those instances where the Lord shows me I need to release that to him. I know that happens at times. He has shown me that I can turn 0 to 5 into a law. Like if we have a layover and this is the only chance to eat…well, I will ask the Lord if he wants me to wait or eat with the family. I know that I can go a lot longer without food than in the past…I am not terrified of being hungry any more. But I also know it is OK if He leads me to eat with my family to do so in moderation.

So, I am taking my hunger graphs with me. I have a pocket sized one I can fit in my wallet too. Perfect for keeping honest while I am gone. I may commit to my live Thin Within group tonight that I will SHOW them my hunger graphs from the trip when I return…for added accountability! EEEK!

So, boundaries will be traveling with me. I will focus on drinking a lot of water, as the when I returned from Tulsa, I had bloated a LOT. About 10 pounds worth of bloating! Fortunately, it wasn’t fat weight, but was true water retention. So I know that traveling can do that to me.

Well, that is all the rambling for now. Please pray for us. My son is stressing. He is fearful…and is somewhat claustrophobic…well…a lot, I guess.

Thanks so much!