Hi, everyone.

Here is the assignment for this week:

1.) Recommit to finishing the summer with us–even if you feel you haven’t made ANY progress!

2.) Do the perfect meal exercise from day 15.

3.) Spend some time practicing gratitude! Even better if you start a gratitude blog!

4.) Continue to add to your list of attributes of God.

5.) Take time each day (5 minutes?) to praise Him for His attributes and the things you are filled with gratitude for.

6.) This week, how about waiting until you are at a 0 each time you eat? Ok, a week seems like a long time. How about today…or your next meal. Can you wait for 0 for your next meal? 🙂

7.) If you feel so led, try using the hunger graph as presented in chapter 17 of the book–or try using one of the other tools and let us know how it works. Again, ask God first. He may lead you NOT to use the tools. That is great. But some of us he DOES lead us to use the tools for a season here or there. Let us know what you experience.

8.) Chapters 18 and 19 are worthy of a slow go through. So this week, we will work prayerfully through chapter 18 and chapter 19. I anticipate you may have some questions or comments. Please please feel free to use the blog here for discussion. I feel like we have lost our momentum. Let’s tell Satan what to do with the spirit of discouragement and apathy that he may be trying to spread. Let’s trade our sorrow for the joy of the Lord and our spirit of despair for a garment of praise! Let’s choose joy! 🙂

Are you still with me? (Or, with me again? :-))

I would love to see a roll call! Let us know you are with us!