Hi, all.

I don’t know if this is something that might appeal to the visitors here, but I know sometimes it might be intriguing to visit with one another…people who visit the same blog. I created a “Ning” network, which is a bit like a Facebook, only it can be our own.

The place to find it is here.

Let me know what you think! Ok?

Truthfully, I am trying to find a way I can interact with visitors to the blog. The reason is a book project I am working on. I want to find out what YOU all are looking for when you come to the blog and what YOU might like to find both at the blog, now at the Ning Network (maybe), but most importantly, if any of you still enjoy holding a real live book in your hands, I want to know what you would love to find in “the perfect book.” I don’t mean a fiction book. I mean a devotional/journal/interactive/guided quiet time book… If you could find the perfect tool to enjoy quiet time with God so you could “feast on Him” what would it look like to you?

I am so eager to hear about it. Feel free to post your comments here, but also to the Ning Network thingie, too. Let’s see how that works. I hope you can bear with me and hang in there as we figure out what this is!