In the movie, Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home, our heros and heroines from the 23rd century have time-traveled back to 1986.

There is a scene where Chekov (the guy who seems to be in a brown leather suit) is stuck in a Nuclear “wessel” collecting photons that he needs to fix the now stranded star ship left cloaked (invisible) in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Because of the lack of power on the ship, though, Chekov’s usual request “Beam me up, Scotty…Now…Scotty…” is met with a squeak and a fizzle…Even as the American Navy descends on Chekov–a Russian man who clearly doesn’t belong on an American Naval Vessel in the mid-1980s, with rifles aimed straight at their foreign target point blank–nothing happens. No beaming out.

Chekov, in one final burst of hope murmurs into his communicator: “Now would be a good time…”

I can hear his words and I echo them even as a prayer right now to God.

“So, God…can you beam me out?”

Though desperate–like Chekov–I get no response…

“Now would be a good time…”

Have you ever felt this way?

I just updated my status on Facebook:

Sooooooooo tired… He gives me everything I need for life and godliness…but does that mean THIS life? Now? In this moment? Ok..I sit here and wait. Dump it on me, God. Cuz if I get up now, I get up without it!

That is about the end of it. I know that I can choose what I will think about and maybe that is why I am left in silence right now. It is a choice God clearly leaves to me. I can “eject the core” (another Star Trek term) of negative thoughts.

OUT into the stratosphere go “Poor me. I am so tired” and “I really can’t see how I can possibly make it through this day.”

Instead, I “beam in” thoughts that pass what my former pastor, Mike Ernst, called The Philippians 4:8 Test :

Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, 
whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—
if anything is excellent or praiseworthy
—think about such things.

“I DO have what I need to do that to which GOD calls. He promises it and it is SO.”

Period. End of discussion. End of whine.

It really IS a choice. It boils down to what I will CHOOSE to set my mind on. Upon what will I fix my heart?

So, I sit here (having given up on waiting for the beam-out!) and choose to give gratitude to God. I choose to praise my King and Redeemer.  I choose to thank Him for the many blessings of life even though they may seem millions of light-years removed from this moment.

Hmm…maybe he has been pouring out his answer on me, even now.