I have a friend with thin thighs…she is in a wheelchair and can’t walk. :-/

My thighs aren’t thin, but I am blessed to be able to walk and run and leap.

I love my thighs.

I can’t get the little girl in the video I shared yesterday out of my head. (I do wonder where that little girl is today, nine years later, and if she still stands strong in affirming so many things about life and herself or if she has fallen prey to the joy stealers in life like so many of us do.)

The little girl really got me thinking about affirmations. Does it honor God for me to say “I like my thighs,” “I like my hips,” “I like my arms…” etc? Or is it, like my teenager suggests, lying? That is a good question, but yesterday, as I played tennis with my daughter, I found myself wanting to emulate the young girl in the video. I said it out loud to “try it on.” Chasing down tennis balls, I declared with boldness (after looking around to be sure no one was likely to hear me): “I like my thighs!” and you know what? In that moment, I really did! Saying so, really seemed like a huge step of victory for me! Without my thighs and legs and knees, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy playing tennis or any number of other things out there. No, I may not like the way my thighs look, but I know that the function of my thighs is worth far more than appearance and I think my wheelchair-bound friend would agree.

A couple of days ago, even before I shared the video with you all, I posted something at the Thin Within forums (found at http://www.thinwithin.org/forums) in response to someone lamenting that they don’t like the way her body looks. Since I have had so many changes in my own body, I responded:

I understand frustration with physical appearance. I used to think in my arrogance (I am ashamed to say) that people that blamed menopause for any number of things didn’t want to “own it”…but now I see that there are some legitimate things that come with menopause.

In my case, I lost 100 pounds using principles of Thin Within. I finally was a “success story.” Kept it off relatively effortlessly (though with fear, I must admit) for a year…and then started gaining some back. I threw out the scale a year ago. I have no idea how much weight I gained before I stopped gaining and, for me, it all connected with the timing of “The Change.” I started going through “The Change” of life when the weight came on and I stopped gaining when “The Change” was over.

Now my size has stabilized again and I feel like I am eating like I used to back when I was smaller, but it is sustaining a bigger size. (Please note, I know that I have not been “stellar” in obeying the Lord’s voice in my eating as well. )

So a couple of things are different for me… my “natural God-given” size may be different than I thought…and my shape is different…and…well, I look at my body now and I carry weight where I didn’t carry weight before…my thighs. I mean…disproportionately, it seems. Even at 250 pounds, I don’t remember my thighs ever looking like they do now.

But I can still walk, run, leap and play.

God is helping me work through a disdain for my body all over again…something that I thought I was past in 2006.

I have been pregnant three times and carried two babies to term. I have nursed them. I have climbed mountains, ridden horses, worked to build fences, played in the snow with my kids, run around tennis courts, stood to sing praises to God, bowed low to worship my God, held, hugged, laughed and cried. I have stroked away a child’s tears, I have loved my wonderful husband. I have worked to exhaustion and played until I could drop…My hands have strummed my guitar as my voice has led God’s people in worship. My hands have held rags that have wiped faces and my feet have carried me a million places…my body serves me well. It has for 48 years and it will continue to do so.

Goodness, my body is an amazing creation! The size, the shape, the lumpiness, of it really doesn’t seem nearly so significant. When I feel disdain for my body’s appearance, I realize that I am stuck in the mindset of the world and I now beg God to renew my mind so that I can have changes in my thinking.

I love my thighs…

How about you? Can you take time right now, in faith, to affirm your body, knowing that God has given each part of your body to you as a gift? Let’s ask Him to help us renew our minds and to truly delight in the amazing creation–our body–that he has entrusted to us!


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