Image Source: iStockPhoto

Image Source: iStockPhoto

My commitment here at God is Doing a New Thing is to provide as many means of supporting you on your Thin Within journey as possible. Right now, here are some of the opportunities available to you:

  1. Daily blog posts. You can “Follow This Blog” and get a notification when new content has posted.
  2. Community interaction. Here at the God is Doing A New Thing website, people are interacting with one another in the comments section. Engage in a dialog. Share what works for you. Ask a question and experience encouragement and help from others on this journey!
  3. Accountability partnerships. Have you gotten an accountability partner yet for your journey? This page offers a place to post if you are interested in finding a buddy to connect with for mutual encouragement.
  4. Newsletters sent out every-so-often (probably not more than once a month). Subscribe here. When you do, you get a link to an audio file that tells you what turned the corner for me in my own Thin Within journey.
  5. God is Doing a New Thing Retreats are being planned! 2013’s will be small and intimate (more details to come). 2014’s a bit bigger.
  6. Studies together! We have just started a bible study to support Thin Within participants in renewing their minds. Visit this page to see what we have done so far and to get started with us!
  7. There are weekly online classes to teach more content regarding the topic for the week during our summer study. Each can stand alone.
  8. YouTube Channel with all kinds of Thin Within and God is Doing A New Thing videos.
  9. Sound Cloud channel with audio files there to support you.
  10. We are creating a Thin Within / God Is Doing A New Thing app for your iPod, iPhone, and iPad! I am so excited about that! Development is slow going, but it is happening!
  11. Coaching opportunities one-on-one. You can accomplish your goals. Maybe you just need a little more support. Consider the coaching option. I currently have spots that have just come open.

There are so many resources here for you! I hope that if you don’t find what you think you need here, you will ask.

NOW is the time for you to experience the ongoing victory that you know Christ has purchased for you! You can do this in the strength he provides!

What will you begin to do that you, perhaps, haven’t done before to turbo-charge, hyper-boost your Thin Within journey? 🙂