If you read about the “Praise Changes Things” contest that we are having here at this blog, then you know that I am excited about Ethel Herr’s book, Lord, Show Me Your Glory.

I want to try to share with you a bit about why this book has me so excited. God has been reminding me of some invaluable truths that he has poured into my life over the past ten years and, more specifically, since November of 2006 when I began this blog.

I have been reminded of a question I have been asked a lot over the past few years which is what flipped the switch for me in releasing weight. After all, that is what typically brings us to Thin Within in the first place–a desire to lose weight. People who know my story know that I struggled a lot and gave up for a long while before things changed in 2006. I will say, even now, good days, weeks, and months happen when I apply one transformational truth. It is this simple:

Praising God changes things.

It is true.It really does make a difference.

You see, when I praise God, I esteem him as Lord and assume my rightful place as his subject. He is King! He is the Potter and I am the clay. He is the Sovereign and I am the one asked to submit to and obey his directives. This is a place of humility. It is literally impossible to praise God and remain prideful. Or I sure don’t know how to do it that way!

When I am in a place of humility, esteeming God more highly than myself, I tend to grab at my food, my rights, my way a lot less often. (This translates into overeating a LOT less!) Impetuous, childish compulsions they don’t own me as they did previously.

But it is very hard to praise God if I don’t know him as he is. If I am not getting to know him the way he reveals himself in scripture and in the world around me, I end up with my God being much too small. As I draw near to him through his Word and begin to believe what he says about me and about himself, I find much to praise him for! It is all connected!

That is where this book and our contest comes in to the picture. Ethel Herr’s book, Lord, Show Me Your Glory, puts the reader face to face with the Lord Almighty and his character traits, enabling us to see our amazing God as he is. When you read this book, you will have not only a wonderful quiet time, but I believe God will use it to change your life! You will want to praise this God that you get to know more intimately! As you praise him, you will be transformed! Praise changes us!

Starting right now today, this is how you enter:

Make a relevant comment here following any post from this one onward. Any time you do, I will write your name down on a slip of paper and put it into a “hat.” On May 10th, I will draw three names from the hat. I will post the results of the drawing on the blog on May 11th. Assuming I hear from you within 48 hours after making the announcement at the blog, Ethel Herr will autograph your copy of the book and it will be sent to you! Three people will win a copy.

It is that simple.

I believe in this book so much that I want you to have a chance to experience it. I use it during my quiet times each day. I really think you will love it. 🙂

In fact, I am willing to put my money where my mouth is! 🙂 And if you *don’t* win a copy, you will want to buy the book anyway! 🙂 (No, I don’t get any referral fee or commission or anything like that. :-))

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