Yesterday I decided I had better get a blood test now instead of waiting. Some ulcers are caused by bacteria and can be treated with antibiotics. It sounded like a great idea to FIND OUT NOW!!! The pain can be so intense at times.

So, I decided the spur of the moment on Monday night to go to have my blood test. It didn’t occur to me until I was on my way early Tuesday that…I was *fasting* for a blood test and hadn’t even PLANNED for it!!! In the past, I would have eaten until LATE the night before…all manner of things…in my panic and fear of being hungry the next morning without the ability to eat or drink, I would be sure I ate until midnight!!!!

Instead, I had been rather nonchallant about it. This speaks of incredible healing. Even as I was waiting in a FULL waiting room for the tech to call my name, I sat there without panicking. Even though my stomach was sore from the stomach acid beginning to agitate the ulcer. It was stunning to realize that I can BE hungry now WITHOUT panic. God has healed me in a huge way. To not even think about it ahead of time…wow. Thank you, Lord.

I had another moment that indicated some healing too. It has been a while since I had a HUGE soda cup, but I guess that I decided that I would have one yesterday morning to sip on all day. In the past (when I drank them at least once a day), I would go to the nearby convenience store, fill up the cup and as I drove, I would wedge the cup between my right hip and the elbow rest in the middle of my front seat as I drove. It would sit there comfortably and safely without falling over and be accessible for sipping on, too. 🙂

Yesterday, I tried negotiating the cup in the same place and it just wasn’t working right. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. I got a bit irritated as the cup is a size that doesn’t fit in the normal drink holders. Of course, I should have NOT been so greedy and gotten a SMALLER size (duh), but I was still baffled about why I couldn’t wedge the soda cup in my usual place. Then it hit me…my HIP isn’t quite as BROAD as it used to be…so there is nothing there now to WEDGE the cup between! WHOO HOO! If that isn’t a great reason to have that “problem!” LOL! Cracked me up in fact. Thank you Lord and yes, Lord, next time I won’t be so GREEDY about the soda!!!! Who NEEDS that much! 🙂