Well, if I needed any proof that my attachment to diet soda and food are connected I certainly have gotten it! I began my progressive “weaning” off of caffeinated diet soda last week…and I am trying to drink more water and less caffeine-free diet soda as well.

I found that especially the first four days or so, I had an attitude going on. “Ok, if I can’t have my diet soda, I will just have that extra cookie! SO THERE!” Shock 2 This attitude was present for a few days and my eating suffered dramatically! EEEK!

That is true confessions for you. If you (or I) think that our artificially sweetened beverages have nothing to do with our eating…I bet we all are mistaken about that! I wonder if that is why 1 Corinthians 10:31 says:

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

It makes sense. Eating is about taste and texture for me. Drinking is, too. I love the carbonation of soda. So, for me, eating and drinking, both about taste and texture are wrapped up in the same question…”Will I give this to God? Will I be mastered by anything but Him?”

I am traveling right now–visiting a friend I met online in 2000 when we connected in a yahoo group and encouraged eachother as we read through the Thin Again book (by the Hallidays). We got together in person that first year FIVE times. Now we are fortunate if it is once or twice in a year. Our friendship is one of the biggest blessings I have ever experienced and it all began because of our hearts connecting over this issue. I am so thankful for her support, prayers, and encouragement. Back in November of 2006 as I was struggling with really even bothering with trying *yet* **again**, my friend prayed me to a point of caring. It is easy for me to forget that, but I believe God used her to kick me in the pants every bit as much as the online group that asked me to lead them in a study of the Thin Within book! (More, really…)

Anyhow, ordinarily, traveling would provide a lot of challenges in eating and drinking to honor God, but my friend is incredibly supportive. She is only encouraging me. It is such a blessing.

The rebellious attitude I had as I began my attempt to remove diet soda from my life has evaporated. It isn’t gone completely…but I am eating 0 to 5 on this trip. Thank you, Lord, for supportive friends, a loving family that lets me go away from home for a week and cares for all the animals while I am gone, and just the blessing of knowing you. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.