Wow…what a marathon the past month has been–especially the past few days!!! But we are done, I think! Or *I* am! LOL!

Look for “Raising Fit Kids in a Fat World” by Judy Halliday and Joani Mack, published by Regal in January 2008!!! I am so excited. We have a GREAT book on our hands thanks to the LORD!!!!! The prayer support was FELT SO STRONGLY (some emailed me to get updates…thank you for caring!!!).

I am really excited and blessed to have been a part of this project.

Now, it is time to go play with my kids, cuddle them and hubby, and go horseback riding!!!!!! I miss my horses SO much (well, my family too…LOL!!!).

On another note, I got on the scale this morning and the total released for March is 8 pounds or so it appears. That really surprises me! (call me a skeptic!) God has removed 52 pounds from my body since mid-November and I am so incredibly grateful to Him. It still blows me away how he drew me back, transformed my heart, got a laptop in my hands, began overhauling my life inside and out and *then* Judy contacted me about this book project. I couldn’t have participated honestly one MINUTE before I did!!!! GOD IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must admit…I am a bit rummy….headachey…yesterday was a “not beneficial” eating day as I was in such a rush. I can’t BELIEVE what I ate all between 0 and 5….started the day with a donut of all things…lunch was half a slice of winter wheat bread with peanut butter and granola on it and a half cup of milk…..OH SO YUMMY. WAY better than a donut!!!! Mid-afternoon I was hungry and had these tiny cookie things my daughter made. They are like tiny lemon merengue pies without the merengue (how do you spell that? LOL!!!) Last night my family went out to have a bonfire without me…I was still working….I tore myself away long enough to join them for an hour and was at 0 at the campfire so had a S’MORE for dinner!!!! No wonder I have a headache today!!!!!

Back to beneficial eating today I think. I actually look forward to it…