Pretending is something we are raised to do so well. First, it begins as a game, our little girl, make-believe, fantasy world, where everything-is-oh-so-perfect times of being princesses, super heroines, and grown-ups! But later, it becomes something we must do to survive.

Some of us pretend we are happy when we aren’t. We may pretend not to feel violated when we do. We pretend not to be bothered by all of the pretending when we look in the mirror and wonder…”Who are you…really?”

Real…It is something my heart aches for. Does yours? All of my training as a child and up through these 50 years…well, I balk at it now. In fact, I want to throw it all off so that I can be real.

Sometimes when I let go of pretense and allow myself to dare to be me in front of others, I feel like Lucy in the CS Lewis books…I see Aslan in the glade. No one else sees him. I rejoice at the sight of him! He is there! Beckoning me to follow him and for others to join us! And no one else sees him. I can choose in that moment to remain REAL or to succumb to the way I should be…normal. Feet on the ground. No more Jesus talk. Like Aslan gently rebuking Lucy, Jesus speaks to my heart: “Follow me even when the others don’t, Little One.”

If I am real, I do that very thing.

Roll your eyes if you will, but this is me. This is who God has made me to be. This is my “real.”

What is yours?

This is my first stab at “5 Minute Friday,” something encouraged at one of the blogs I follow. If you want to give it a shot at your own blog, visit Gypsy Mama’s Blog and see what it’s about!