Image Source: Stock Xchange

Image Source: Stock Xchange

Are you wondering what study we are going to do next here at the blog?

Are you hoping that you can get support for your Thin Within journey this summer?

Look no further! ๐Ÿ˜€

Here is a short little video blurb about it…

Starting Monday, just TWO DAYS away, June 17th, we will begin!

I want to revisit Barb Raveling’s material in her “Weight Loss Bible Study” which I think would better be named a “Renewing of the Mind Bible Study!” LOL!

I may not be using her material in order so check in here on Mondays for the week’s assignment. I am going to supplement and augment with some of my own material so I hope this will result in a study that is vital, transformative, and life changing while supporting you on your Thin Withinย journey!!

Here is how it will work:

Each Monday, I will post a video and assignment. Sometimes there may be a sound file as well or instead. I may send you to Barb’s blog for the assignment that you will do.

Additionally, and this is what I am SUPER excited about…I will be offering an online class to focus on whatever the topic of our Monday study is for that week. The classes right now will be set for Wednesdays at 3pm Pacific which I know doesn’t work for everyone, so you will be able to listen to/watch the recorded version of the class! You can sign up to attend and/or sign up to get the recording of the class instead! Isn’t that awesome? I have to pay a monthly fee for this service, so I have to charge each person for the classes/recordings. But I am charging the smallest fee the service allows of $5 per class. I hope you find that reasonable (and it is cheaper than a Weight Watcher’s meeting, right? LOL!)

Anyhow, I hope you find this a wonderful way to support you on your Thin Within journey.

Each week, you are welcome to post your questions that you hope will be addressed during our online class, too. More on that on Monday.

During the week, don’t be surprised by seeing posts only onย Mondays (with the week’s study assignment), Wednesdays, and Fridays.ย ย I am working on developing some new resources to support people on the Thin Within journey, including a 30-day online challenge and a God is Doing a New Thing retreat that I hope to offer! So I don’t anticipate posting here as often during the summer.

I am so excited! I hope this works out well!

Monday, June 17 – Focus is on What IS the Renewing of the Mind and Why Should I Do it?

Wednesday, June 19 at 3pm Pacific – Online Class to discuss our subject.

Thanks! I hope you are excited!

What godly goals do you have for your summer?