When I was reading the Thin Within book in November and December, God really impressed upon my heart the value of gratitude. When pride rears its ugly head, gratitude expressed to God puts pride in it’s place. It is very hard for pride to live and be fed, when God is esteemed as the author of all things, every good and perfect gift, success.

I think that my resolve has eroded or something (yesterday didn’t get much better even after I posted) primarily because I have focused on mySELF. I know that focusing on the Lord will lift this burden from me and bring things back into perspective. HE is my strength. HE is my satisfaction. HE is my sustainer and Deliverer.

I am grateful to God that He has put people into my life to walk with on this journey. God has used the most unlikely means to turn me back to Him back in November and I am so thankful that He is willing to do that…to go to unlikely measures to accomplish unlikely things. 🙂

My husband and kids are extremely supportive. I am grateful to God for that, as well. I know that He has moved in their hearts as well. I am so thankful to God for that. My husband and my daughter, in particular, are affirming and encouraging.

Well, I will take some of my gratitudes to my personal offline journal :-). But I know this is a key. It is tough to get on the path of my performance when my focus is on the Lord. If I stay off of the path of my performance, then I won’t be fixating on MY success, MY body, MY choices, MY food, MY clothes, MY weight…yada yada. I will be all about GOD. That is what is missing.