Obviously, those of us who come to Thin Within, typically do so because we want something to change with our size, weight, or attitude toward food … or ALL of the above! LOL!

What often happens, though, is that we discover God wants something so much more…he wants our hearts, our devotion, our thoughts, our actions.

It suddenly makes it SO hard! We KNOW how to *diet*…If someone just tells us what to eat and when, we often have an easier time of things! So when we discover that God wants us dependent on Him, this is when we may decide that we have to “quit” Thin Within! But that is the point of the Christian life…to become more and more surrendered to God, to be more like Jesus! 🙂

With Thin Within, we won’t be told what to do and when. The reason is simple…it is based on God’s Word. God gives us free will and His Spirit inside of us to tell us what God asks of us–and to give us the ability to do it in the strength HE provides!

He wants us to learn to lean on Him in the moment. To ask Him, to check in with him. How gracious that he wants to use something so mundane as eating or drinking to invite us to give him glory in the moment! Isn’t that incredible! To do that, we have to live in the moment with Him! To not shut him out! Be conscious of our choice and the ramifications.

This is where my feeling that taking 5 minutes before I eat really comes from. Taking 5 minutes before I eat when I am prompted to eat (for some reason), gives me time to check in with him. I don’t have a prescriptive plan that says it doesn’t matter if I am hungry or not, that I can have so many calories or grams or whatever… Instead, in those 5 minutes, I can say, “Lord, why am I drawn to food right now?” He will show me if it is because of physical hunger or not. If I am not drawn to food because of physical hunger, he will be faithful to show me what it IS about, too. “Lord, I see that I am bored (or wounded, or agitated, or sick, or tired…). I know that food isn’t what I need. Please show me what will satisfy the need in my heart (mind, body, soul, spirit).” He will do it.

I know I have shared this here quite a bit recently. It really does make a difference, so I just wanted to say it again in case anyone isn’t convinced! 🙂 Try it for one day and see if it helps!

Just 5 minutes. Make a boundary of delaying eating for just 5 minutes. It isn’t a rule, it is a boundary. Then use it to reconnect with God. He is faithful! Let’s give him a chance! 🙂

I would love to know how it goes!