Hubs isn’t cooperating.:-) Now that HE is trying to eat 0 to 5, we have to get creative. So I got hungry, but he didn’t want dinner yet. Well, that means a snack. 🙂 I asked hubby to serve up whatever he thought would be a fair representation of a snack I might have eaten in the past. This is what he said was a typical snack for me (see above). He is right. You can’t really tell just how much ice cream is in this bowl…but a LOT! Nothing wrong with ice cream. In fact, I am pretty sure I will have some at *some* point today! LOL! I chose NOT to have ice cream this time for two reasons 1.) I really want some salsa! Weird…veggies winning over ICE cream? How bizarre is that? God IS doing a new thing! LOL! and 2.) Ice cream sustains me too long…I want to be hungry when hubby is and veggies don’t “stick to my ribs” too long where ice cream does!

So, then I dished up that salsa I was hoping to have for dinner (he wants something else other than Mexican…) to have as a snack instead. My goal was to eat just enough that I am not miserable from hunger any more and can wait until he is ready to have dinner before I eat my next meal. So, in TW-speak, this would be eating 0 to 2 or so. This is what I dished up:

Not much to it…LOL! But eating slowly, I don’t really notice how little it is! If you eat half as much twice as slowly, you feel like you are getting just as much! LOL!

After enjoying my veggies…something I ONLY do in fresh salsa:

I had some to return to the serving dish!!! Crazy, huh? What you see in the photo below reflects what I didn’t eat of the portion I served myself. See what I mean? There isn’t much food, but what I eat is REALLY YUMMY!!!!!! WHOO HOO!

I could never return to dieting…this is too easy and too fun.

Whatcha think? 🙂 (Nevermind…don’t answer that…”nutcase” to be sure…)