Image Source: Stock Exchange

Image Source: Stock Exchange

Entitlement can be something we *learn*! Some of these thoughts we want to recognize may be “left overs” 🙂 from our dieting days. Two of these are:

1.) Snacks don’t count

2.) I am entitled to eating/drinking artificially sweetened foods/beverages all day without consequence (in dieting, we actually thought this was virtuous! I hate to burst your bubble now!)

Here is a sound byte from Sound Cloud. I hope this helps! 🙂

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Thoughts For You to Consider:

1. Do you sometimes pop something in your mouth but don’t “consider” it a meal if it consists of certain foods or is only a couple of bites of something?

2. If so, do you see any lie lurking in the belief that this doesn’t count? What would “renewing your mind” look like in this situation?

3. Have you ever found yourself shaky without sensing an earlier hunger signal?

4. Is there any chance that you are using artificial sweeteners (gums, mint, beverages) inbetween meals? If so, do an experiment…consider not using any for a day and see if your hunger signals become “more polite” and more manageable. 🙂

5. Consider any ways that God is drawing you into deeper intimacy with him. Spend some time thanking him for that fact. 🙂

Bible Verse to Ponder:

…we have made a lie our refuge and falsehood our hiding place. – Isaiah 28:15b

What lies have you found refuge in? In what falsehood have you hidden away in, safe from the emotional tidal waves of life? Are you like me, trying to hide from the wounds of life behind a carton of ice cream or within the confines of a candy bar wrapper?



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