Hi, everyone. Wow…I can’t believe all that God has done just in the four months since I found myself riding the wave of this journey…never intending on going for the ride, but here I am anyhow. I am SO thankful!!!!

The book writing is mostly behind us now. Judy and the pediatrician will be doing the final details, preparing the manuscript of Raising Fit Kids in a Fat World for the publisher’s deadline of April 1. I have been SO blessed to be a part of another book project with Judy. She is such an amazing lady. God always shows me such unconditonal love through her. Grace flows from her. Even when I have been faithless, she has believed in me. She has looked past my failures and seen the potential that God can unleash in a heart set free. Thank you, Lord!

Anyhow, I have been involved in a wonderful online support group led by my dear friend, Pam Sneed. God seems to be prompting me to get involved in leading an online support group. I can hardly believe it given how skeptical I have been of such things! LOL! For me, face to face is MUCH better, but tonight in our support group chat, God showed up. Who was I to argue with that? Wow, it was amazing.

So now I get to try to follow in Pam’s amazing example. Joe Donaldson of Thin Within has given me a list of people who have inquired about a support group. I hope it works out and that we will be able to start the week of April 8–just two weeks away!

I can’t wait to see what God does.

Lord, please touch the hearts of the ladies that you want to have be a part of this new online support group. I pray that whoever you want will somehow be able to manage it in their schedule and be there. You have divinely orchestrated this time and this place. I am totally blown away at the privilege you have offered to me…that of facilitating a group. Thank you so much, Lord. May YOU be exalted. I trust you for what YOU will do and can’t wait to see the adventure unfold!

Thank you, Lord, for the amazing time I have had working with Judy these past 5 weeks or so. I trust this material to your care. I can’t wait until January 2008 to see it in print, Lord! May it be used of you to help 1000s of children from obesity and correlated diseases. Help parents to find hope, too.

Lord, help me to practice having a soft heart. I pray for the person who may be reading this prayer right now. I pray that her heart will be touched by the wind of your Spirit. I pray that they might know hope and godly conviction to press closer to you. I pray that she would invite you to remove the barriers in her life that stand against surrender and holy submission to your will and ways. May the reader of this prayer know deep in her heart it is SHE who is the heart of this prayer…may she sense the power of your presence and the provison of your unending grace. Give her victory over her enemies, Lord…even if she feels her number one enemy is herself. Show her that you delight over her with singing….you call her beautiful. In fact, you say in your word you are enthralled with her beauty.

Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice on the cross. It boggles my mind that you came to earth when you existed in holy perfect union with the Spirit and the Father. You took on flesh so that you might live the life of a servant and die the death of a criminal…all to set us free. May we walk in that freedom and never once look back. In your name I pray, Amen.