On June 1st, I plan to start a study of the Thin Within book (2003 or later edition). I have gone through it a bunch…so it is sometimes hard to imagine that God may yet have something “new” there for me. I know that it is arrogance that says I “know” it all. LOL!

Here is an invitation…a video invitation for you… 😀 Scary thought, but I may do this throughout our study of the book.

So, I ask any/all of you…if you would like to go through the Thin Within book with me here at the blog, feel free to grab a copy by June 1st. Even if you get your own copy a bit later than the 1st, I won’t go through it in 30 days–it will probably take me all summer. You can call Thin Within directly at 877-729-8932 and they will send it right out to you. I think it is $12. You may be able to get it cheaper on Amazon, but the shipping is likely to take longer.

So, that said, if any of you would like, feel free to join me. You can use the “comments” section of the blog to post your thoughts and ideas, questions, comments, praises, concerns, prayer requests and prayers.

And if you come to this blog entry months after it has been posted, you can still participate. When someone makes a comment to the blog–even an entry I posted months before–I get sent a notification about it. I will gladly respond. Don’t feel left out!

God has something new He IS DOING in YOU (and in me!)–even now!

To those of you reading and following in real time, will you do me a favor and pray that God will make the new thing he is doing in each of us obvious? That we may have eyes to perceive it? He says it springs up! I am eager for the adventure he has ahead.

Join me! 🙂

If you plan to do so, feel free to comment here. I would LOVE to know who will be participating! I may add little “video” thoughts as we go…just for fun. 🙂

Here is my (personal) biggest challenge on a superficial (yet deep at the same time…) level…to make my way through this material WITHOUT using a bathroom scale at all! I believe the Lord would have that for me! I also want to have an open heart. Since God involved me in the writing of the Thin Within book (what an amazing display of his grace AND his sense of humor), it can be really easy for me to be “jaded” if I am not wary. So if you will pray for me about this…I would welcome it. I know that I have NOT “arrived.” Until my feet are lifted from the dust of this earth and planted on Heavenly streets of gold, I know that I will continue to be formed, shaped, refined and CONVICTED, changed, corrected, rebuked by our gentle Shepherd. I welcome that now. I need that.

Anyhow, I will pray for you. Please pray for me and plan to get your own copy of the Thin Within book (2003 or later edition) by Arthur and Judy Halliday so you can write in it as you go.