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Battle of the Binge


My recent loss with the Battle of the Binge—and the TW Lesson on Gideon—showed me three things when it comes to losing and maintaining weight.  First, I had to admit that controlling my appetite is an ongoing battle. I’m not sprinting towards a blue ribbon at the end of a twelve-week course. Food surrounds me […]

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My Thin Within Story


Two years ago, a company mailed me a copy of “HEALED: HEALTHY EATING AND ABUNDANT LIVING” by accident. This is a teen study based on the Thin Within program. I don’t have a teenaged daughter. And I had never heard of Thin Within. But I loved the book, and wanted to find out more about […]

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Prepare Now for January 2014’s Thin Within Study!

There are so many exciting changes ahead relative to God is Doing a New Thing and the Thin Within ministries! I am so excited to roll out each one by one. But let me just tease you a bit with that for now and get to the point of this post! We may just be […]

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HEAL “Group Session” #2

This week we have had the opportunity to look at the freedom we are invited to experience in setting aside dieting rules, dieting laws, dieting “Good Foods” and “Bad Foods” lists and dare to trust the God who created our bodies fearfully and wonderfully. Is Psalm 139 beginning to take root in your heart? Do […]

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Week 2 of HEAL Study 2013

I hope you have been blessed by the focus on the truth God speaks over you, that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. It has encouraged me to no end to see you participate in the study with one another  in your comments and there are a bunch of you who have posted on the Accountability page! Be sure […]

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HEAL “Group Session” #1

Much of today’s post will be written by YOU in the comments! I hope you are ready to join in! 🙂 First, put on your holy  imagination! Pretend we are on a picnic in the middle of nowhere…enjoying a crystal clear blue sky, the music of the meadowlark, the clouds drifting lazily by, and the […]

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Todays the DAY!!!! Week 1 of HEAL Study 2013

Welcome to our launch day for our study of the Healthy Eating and Abundant Living book by Allie Marie Smith and Judy Halliday (the founder of Thin Within). If you haven’t yet gotten the book, check it out here. First, a video to talk about where we are going (email subscribers may want to visit […]

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Friday Drawing Winner #2!

Last week, we had 53 different comments. This week, we had even more than that. I love that you all are engaging in community! Isn’t that awesome!? It really encourages my heart. THANK YOU for making this study what it is. It really touches me. I am praying right now as I reach in to […]

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I am LOVING the community that has been growing on these pages. Thank you SO much for your participation! This week’s drawing will have a bunch of slips of paper in the hat! It isn’t too late to dive on it, be counted, contribute, comment on a post or on someone else’s post. It has […]

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Friday’s Drawing Winner #1!

By the time I did the drawing late last night, I had 53 different slips of paper to draw from!  Thank you for participating this week. YOU all make this blog a supportive community. You have been a very REAL encouragement to me this week. We now start fresh with our drawing entrants. Any new […]

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