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When It’s Not Right to be Thankful for Food

TW TITLE GRAPHIC - When it's not right to be thankful

Imagine a pile of gifts under the Christmas tree. Actually, no need to imagine; here’s the exact scenario I’m talking about…   Now imagine that one of the gifts has this message on the tag: “Do not open until December 25!” (See further down.) Of course, even if that message is not stated right on the tag, the […]

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HEAL Group Session 03

Hundreds of years ago, Hagar gave God a name – “The God Who Sees Me.” (Genesis 16:13) In her most difficult place, God made it clear that Hagar was noticed and cared for personally. The Psalm that we have continued to make reference to through our study so far–Psalm 139–makes it clear that we, too, […]

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When Your HEAD says, “I Want Food…”

Before launching into this blog post, please respond to the poll below: Accountability page is here. Now, on to our post for today! 😀 You have  courageously and energetically run errands all day. The day has been productive! You are pleased with all that you accomplished. Now, you are headed for home, returning as the […]

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