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When It’s Not Right to be Thankful for Food

TW TITLE GRAPHIC - When it's not right to be thankful

Imagine a pile of gifts under the Christmas tree. Actually, no need to imagine; here’s the exact scenario I’m talking about…   Now imagine that one of the gifts has this message on the tag: “Do not open until December 25!” (See further down.) Of course, even if that message is not stated right on the tag, the […]

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How Much Food?

When returning to 0 to 5 eating or just starting out, sometimes it is hard to know how much food is reasonable to eat. We can eat whatever we want when we land at zero. (See my post about how to know if you are physically hungry or at a 0.) But how much food […]

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Three Meals a Day?

Another hurdle that I have had to (and have to) overcome is a sense that I can eat three meals a day. In the past, when I ate listening to my body’s hunger/satisfied mechanism, I had a higher metabolism and got hungry many many times in a day. I could literally eat 4, 5 or […]

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