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Truth-Telling about Peppermint Mochas


I have become quite a fan of specialty coffee! Peppermint mochas, in particular. Iced or hot, both are at the very top of my list of “Ways to Pamper Myself.” Massages, manicures, facials, and pedicures are also on that list, too! I’m not sure which would be #1 – they are all favorites! The Dutch […]

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Behind The Scenes – Cathy Maher’s Testimony

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  Not all that long ago described myself as being “borderline depressed.” I wasn’t down all the time, quite the contrary. I had joy, but it was always a little overcast. I wasn’t living in darkness, however I did have various areas that were gray and sad. I was running well, when I caught a […]

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How to Survive the Weekend (with your 0 to 5 Boundaries in Tact!)

Are weekends a challenge for you? Is your routine disrupted and, while you start the weekend with wonderful intentions, do you find that pretty consistently, you fall into more chaotic eating patterns? Perhaps weekends have historically been a time of letting down your guard, throwing all caution to the wind! I know for me, weekends […]

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