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Confessions of a Scale Junkie

This post is from a lady I met on the Thin Within Accountability page at Facebook. When she posted this piece there earlier this week, I just had to ask her if I could share it with you all! ====== I was a scale junkie. I would weigh every day and it would set off […]

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Numbers: Do They Work For or Against Us?

Why does one of my coaching clients (and friends) say: “I don’t plan to ever weigh myself again.” The answer may surprise you! Counting Calories I heard on the radio this morning that obese teenagers are more likely to use calorie information at fast food restaurants than non-obese teenagers  This fact was presented as if it […]

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WLBS Review: Hopeless Eating, Good Food Eating, and Bad Scale Eating

Hopeless Eating – Do you struggle with the thought that I will never conquer this challenge? Do you feel like  eating and weight will always be a struggle for me? Barb shares in her study that truth journaling about this is crucial! Reason with me for a moment: Who is it you serve? What does HE say about your struggle? What does […]

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Contest Winner Announced

This week’s winner for the drawing is Adriane. We have only one more week of contest drawings (I think), though I may do it in June as well. 🙂 Remember, if you comment here at the blog, your name gets put in the drawing on Friday for one of three prizes (your choice): Thin Within book […]

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Bathroom Scale Stuff

What power will we give the bathroom scale? This is something we each get to decide in the stillness of our hearts with the Lord. I urge you to consider, if you haven’t already done so, renewing your mind about the power you give the scale and what it “says.” Barb’s study in Day 14 […]

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The Scale

Ok…another gauntlet has been thrown down.I was speaking with Judy on the phone about the upcoming first day of class I will be leading at our church. I am so nervous, it isn’t funny. I just need to lay it down at the Lord’s feet. This is NOT about ME…my fear of “messing up” is […]

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