Photo Courtesy of iStockPhoto

Photo Courtesy of iStockPhoto

If I want to act differently…like sustain behaviors that support my godly goals of eating 0 to 5…then I have to believe differently. Like in this case, I have to believe that it takes less food than I want to eat to sustain me. Or I have to believe that I don’t need to be on a strict calorie-counting diet and exercise program in order to release weight.

If I am going to believe these things, I have to stop the thoughts that I have that “rehearse” the lies I believe over and over again. I have to replace the thoughts that are based on lies (or half truths) with God’s BIG T Truth.

So how to do this practically:

If you catch yourself with a runaway thought, you want to stop it as soon as you notice it. For instance, let’s say you have the thought “I need something sweet.” BINGO! A potentially runaway thought that may take you on a wild train ride and derail your godly goals. By stopping this runaway thought and taking control of it, you can inform yourself with the truth. In this situation, here are some truths that may be good ones to think about:

  • I don’t need something sweet. I merely want something sweet.
  • If I still want something sweet when I am hungry, I can have it then.
  • Will eating something sweet now (outside of my hunger/satisfaction boundary) satisfy what is really going on here? Probably not.
  • If I eat this (outside of my boundary) what next? Will this lead to me heading farther and farther off the track?
  • I don’t need anything sweet and if I busy myself with something else to do, my thought about eating will subside and go away.
  • If I don’t eat outside of my boundaries, I will have the joy of obedience and the peace that comes from making a great choice.
  • Etc!

In the video clip below, we see the sharks take a “pledge.” They start with an “affirmation” of truth…what they want to believe. They speak the truth to themselves hoping that it will cause them to act differently. You can see that they really are a hopeful bunch who get the idea that telling themselves a truth that they want to believe might affect their actions!

(Note: This video clip is mostly for comic relief. LOL! I hope it makes you laugh. Although something went awry with this approach for Bruce and his friends,  it can be effective for us!)

What are some beliefs you have that cause you to act in a way that counters your godly goals?

What are truths you can tell yourself instead?

What is a practical way you can incorporate this “telling yourself the truth” into your daily life before other thoughts run away with you?