Day 15in Thin Within is filled with some wonderful thoughts. Even if you aren’t studying with us, you can choose to enjoy a meal being especially intentional about applying all the Keys of Conscious Eating. You will want to plan ahead. Then, once you have determined to have the experience, bathe it in prayer and gratitude throughout!

I don’t advise starting with such HUGE portions,
but you can definitely choose foods you enjoy!

In case you don’t have the book, these are the keys you want to apply intentionally for one meal and evaluate how the eating experience goes for you!

Thin Within Keys to Conscious Eating

1. Eat only when my body is hungry. Be sure you have no doubt when you eat for this special meal. Note how much better the food tastes, too!

2. Reduce the number of distractions to eat in a calm environment. For one meal especially, set aside a time, a place, an opportunity when you can have babysitting if you need it–whatever it takes to have a calm situation for your meal!

3. Eat when I am sitting. This may seem silly, but we eat a lot of food on our feet cooking or cleaning up or when passing through the kitchen. For this special meal experience, be sure to be seated.

4. Eat only when my mind and body are relaxed. This is where prayer comes in. I also find praising God for his attributes and giving thanks for things he has done helps me to get my eyes off of my trials and on to HIM! 🙂

5. Eat and drink the food and beverages that I enjoy. You may need to play a trip to your favorite restaurant for this special meal experience. If so, please just do it. It will be worth it. Even if it is a bit expensive, you will discover that you will have leftovers to enjoy another time. Of course, ask the Lord if it is something that he is glorified in and then follow the leading of His Holy Spirit.

6. Pay attention to my food while eating. While you are being intentional with this special meal, be sure to really focus on your food. Note what is on your plate or in your dish. Take stock of the entire experience. Even if you have chosen to have someone present with you, you can do this. 🙂

7. Eat slowly, savoring each bite. This key is one of the most important. When I intentionally slow down, I notice the texture of the food in my mouth and the subtle nuances of flavor. I have a tendency to eat much too fast. For this special meal experience, please be sure to slow way down and “Nom! Nom! Nom!” your food! 🙂

8. Stop before my body is full. If you have applied the other keys, you will sense when you are nearing “satisfied”–a 5. For me, I have found that eating slowly is really an important key to be able to stop before I am full. If I eat slowly and enjoy my food, I can enjoy half as much food in the same time it previously took me to eat twice as much and my mind thinks it has had just as much food! I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone else, but it helps me!

What was your Perfect Meal Experience like? How much food did it take compared to how much you normally eat? What was your level of enjoyment of the experience? What did you learn from this exercise? 🙂