Every now and then, God blesses me with a tiny reassurance–and sometimes, not so tiny–that He has done a mighty work…and continues to do a big work in me. This can often happen when I am beside myself with disappointment in myself…like what I have shared here in recent days…

I found an old journal when I was going through some stuff in our “storage room”…lots of them really. But one in particular God used to send his encouraging reassurance through my heart and soul.

I know that a picture paints a thousand words, so I have scanned the journal. This is from about 13 years ago…that season that my husband calls my “bulimic” period…when I would work out all the more to make up for calories I had ingested. I lived in FEAR! I am so thankful that I am not in this place any longer. I am definitely free. We still have to work out a bit what “freedom” will look like, but wow…God has really done a HUGE work.

If you want to see the image close up, please click on it. Then you will be able to read it, I think. It is pretty scribbly, though…and this is one of the neater pages!

This was from when I was doing “The Zone.” I counted grams of fat, grams of protein, grams of carbohydrate, included total calories and I even did ratios to be sure I had the “right” proportions of each with each meal…sometimes I didn’t…and this appears to be a page from a couple of days when I wasn’t quite on…LOL!

Thank you, Lord, that you have been at work changing me from the inside out. I know that you continue to do so. I cling to you. I refuse to give up. NO MATTER WHAT.