Today, how about we crack open your bible for 5 minutes and find 3 characteristics of God–three aspects of his character that we can praise him for. Then take time just to praise Him and thank him for being Who He is.

Here is my example (I have done more than three, though), meditating on Psalm 48:

  • God is great (v.1)
  • God is worthy of praise (1)
  • He has created beauty and joy (2)
  • He is a fortress (3)
  • He makes us secure (8)
  • His love is unfailing (9)
  • His right hand is filled with righteousness (10)
  • His judgments make us glad (11)
  • God is our guide (14)

Lord, I praise you for your greatness. I know I can’t even begin to fathom your awesomeness. You are so very worthy of all my praise. May my life be a praise to you. Thank you that you create beauty and joy. I praise you that I can run to you–you are my fortress, my protection, my shelter from the storms of life. You alone can make me secure. Though I look for security in so many things, you alone are the source of rest, peace. Oh, God! I can’t even begin to fathom your unfailing love. Thank you that you LOVE. Thank you that it is UNFAILING. I praise you that you never allow anything I do or say keep you from loving me. I praise you that you are righteous. A powerful God without righteousness would be frightening. You alone judge purely and perfectly. I can rest in knowing that what you decide is perfect, wise and true. I am glad in this truth, Lord. Thank you that you care about me enough to be my guide, Lord. May I praise you this day with all that I am. In the Name of Jesus, Amen.