I have found something that revolutionizes my walking this path to healthier perspectives about food, eating and my body, too. You can do it too, if you haven’t already. Make a running list of God’s attributes. Whether it strikes you as you pray, you are reading the Word, a book, or hear a message, jot down what you learn (or are reminded) about God’s character and how he relates to humans. Then, practice taking time each day to praise Him for some of these things on your list. This revolutionizes our thinking, our living, our “health!”

Truly, so often on this journey we can become so SELF focused. My body, my food, MY eating MY MY MY! Yuck! That has never helped, has it?

As I focus on GOD and lift HIM up, I find that FOOD and EATING and my BODY all begin to subside in their significance and get put in their proper place. I don’t want to eat as much because GOD is GOD and food isn’t. My body (taste buds) doesn’t/don’t have the right to direct my path (tell me what to do)…only GOD does. He is lifted to HIS rightful place as LORD and I am humbled before Him!

It works! 🙂

Happy Sunday!