Now that I’m on track, I’m realizing how much my relationship with food has changed. Food was able to stifle any feelings I had, and it did so quickly by numbing the pain.

God doesn’t work that way, so that has taken some getting used to. It’s very different. I’m learning how to be patient.

I’m no longer spacing out every day, nor running to food for comfort anymore. Therefore my emotions are rising up. I’m running to God, knowing that He is not an instant god, like food.

Keeping food in its proper place in my life is different too. Food was never designed for what I put it in my life for.

I am letting God do what only He can do; He can handle it and is a better God to me than food could EVER be.

By exchanging my food idol for God, after I’ve had food on the throne of my heart, I’m learning to have a much better relationship with God, my Creator, who knew me in my mother’s womb.



I was listening to TD Jakes and he was talking about “having misery with the miracle.” The miracle for me is to have food in its proper place; the misery is the feelings that are now creeping up.

When it feels like something is missing, I have to exchange the false comfort that I felt with food for the real Comforter.

Satan offers us a counterfeit comfort, which was food for me. God offers the real comfort of peace and joy and gives us the Holy Spirit as the Comforter, which is totally real!

So now I’m asking God to fill me up!


Job 23:12 says,

“I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my necessary food.”

We cannot have one without the other. The miracle is releasing weight; the misery is eating less and waiting for zero. But I can honor God doing it. And being that living sacrifice and living a fasted lifestyle are what makes it worthwhile.

It’s incredible to have an unclogged mind…  to not have to think about food 24/7…  to leave room enough to hear the voice of God.

It’s a joy to fulfill His purpose for my life and I am grateful for it!






Wanda Walker

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