Got up this morning to a sick sick daughter. Poor thing. She is a mess. Daniel had his eyes set on watching a NASCAR race on the Speed Channel. We don’t get cable at home like this…so both kids, after having been pushed for the past two days, were down for the count.

Today is hubby’s birthday and I was bummed that I didn’t have a super special way of celebrating it..just a little present and cards from the kids and me waiting for him in the bathroom when he got up.

My back is toast after sleeping (if that is what you want to call what I tried to do) on a very hard bed. But I did get a wonderful whirlpool bath this morning…that helped my back quite a bit.
Hubby and I left the kids Crying 1 at the condo while we headed off for Jamestown Settlement. It was pouring rain…and the wind was howling…and I was cold…and…miserable…and, well…my “good” attitude began to…erm…erode a bit. After hubby and I saw Jamestown, we stopped at Ruby Tuesdays for lunch. I dutifully had a small portion–just to a 5. It was tasty. All was well. I was not giving in…We rushed back to the condo to drop off food for the kids before going to a sales presentation so we could get the benefit of a $75 gift card (on a Visa) to help pay for something fun…

Well, my husband decided to reverse things a bit, bless his heart. He wanted to explain to the salepeople why *they* should really be selling the same vacation “timeshare” package that we use…instead of the one they were trying to sell us…and that meant we were there for THREE HOURS!!!!!! I love my husband. I really do, but THREE HOURS? I mean good grief.

When we finally got back to the condo, Michaela was sicker than ever…Bob and Daniel headed off to WalMart to get more provisions since we won’t be going anywhere…and I dipped my hand into donuts left from this morning…so much for “stellar 0 to 5 eating!” No, I wasn’t hungry. I had TWO bavarian cream donuts. I NEVER do that. Or haven’t in probably 18 months or more.

Observation: Flesh Machinery got me…it worked, and worked, and worked on me. I resisted and resisted and…then…caved. BIG time.

Correction: Assume that assaults will come…from my flesh, from the world, from Satan. Be prepared for the assault NOT to end. And, well, pray! Put on the full armor of God. Get in the Word for a few minutes. Chances are, this is NOT the last time the assault will be this challenging on this trip. BUT, this does NOT have to dictate what comes next. I can choose to take THIS moment captive for the Lord…and THIS moment. And THIS moment! (Etc….)

We are going to watch National Treasure…the movie that started this East Coast Madness! Daniel is on strike…as he planned to watch more NASCAR stuff on the “Speed Channel.”

No more eating for me….I feel gross.