Why Renew My Mind?

Why Renew My Mind?

A few months ago, my husband was listening to something I had recorded. On my way to meeting a friend for lunch, I had recorded my conversation with God in case it could be helpful to you all. That file is found here. When Bob was listening to it, though, he stopped it for a moment and asked me, “Does anyone know just how hard you work  at this?”

I wonder about that. I get asked a lot about if it ever becomes easy. I have to say…well, yes, it becomes easiER at times. Until it becomes hard again. But I have to keep investing time, energy, and effort—I have to keep up the good fight.

That is why I make such a big deal about renewing the mind with truth. Because I simply HAVE to keep working on the way I think.

So, today’s truth card, found in the picture above, is specifically about renewing my mind and why it is worth while to keep on fighting, to keep working at changing the way I think.  Many of these statements come directly from the work I have done using Barb Raveling’s material at her website. In case you can’t read my writing, here is what it says:

Renewing My Mind:

1. God has called me to a renewing of my mind habit.

2. It is important that I do this every single day.

3. God wants me to develop this habit because it helps me to think differently…to act differently.

4. God is crazy about me. He loves me. I am His precious daughter.  I am precious in His sight. He calls me.

5. Satan doesn’t want me to renew my mind.  He knows it will make me a more effective witness.  He knows I will be more victorious.  Renewing my mind changes me permanently.

6. To develop this habit, I will have to make sacrifices.

7. If I make this sacrifice, I will be more godly, even 6 months down the road.

8. I can be thankful to God for many things in my situation.

What About You?

Have you been working on changing the way you think? About food? About life? About your body? About a person who challenges you? What are you doing, practically, to think differently? Are you committed to renewing your mind daily about this situation/problem/challenge? If not, can you make a plan today to renew your mind daily? Do you need a truth card about renewing your mind? What can you include on it?