Well, I am having some struggles with things…my body is acting whacko. Between that and a rebellious heart, I am misreading (or ignoring) my hunger and satisfaction signals. To combat this, I am going to do something I haven’t done much of in the course of my TW journey since 2001…The Lord seems to be leading me to pull out the “Temple Tool Kit” and use it for 10 days. At that time I will re-evaluate if I should continue for another 10 days (or whatever the Lord leads).

The pride and arrogance that filter back into my life so subtly can sure erode a willingness to ask for God’s direction and to heed it when I hear it. While the TW tools aren’t intended to be the voice of God, I feel like I will have some added accountability that way. While I haven’t been regaining weight, I wonder if my body being out of whack is partly due to my eating being out of whack…they feed one another.

I began faithfully giving my food and eating to the Lord early last November and released weight all through the holiday season. I know that He can remove temptations…but I also know that He fully intends to supply the strength needed to resist temptations as well, providing a way out each and every time I do call out, but the temptation isn’t removed… Therefore, I will use these tools to be honest with myself and with God possibly during this entire holiday season. My family has already begun to act like holiday time is a license to bring on MORE food! ARG!

Isn’t it funny how we use “holy” days (holidays) as excuses for indulging unholy lusts? Maybe I shouldn’t say “we”…but “I” instead….

Lord, I want to be set apart for you this “Holy Day” season…please help me to live as one who IS holy and set apart by you for your purposes. Help me to offer the parts of my body to you, as instruments of righteousness…my hands, my mouth, my taste buds, my stomach, my thoughts, too, Lord…Help my mind not to dwell on things of the world, but, instead on godly, heavenly things. Cleanse me, renew me, strengthen me. If any of my sisters here (and brothers if they are here) struggle in the same way, I pray these same things for them. Be exalted in our “holy day” preparations and celebrations. In the precious Name of Christ, Amen.