Hi, everyone. Thank you SO much for praying! Jordan is doing SO well! I am floored! THANK YOU THANK YOU!

The assignment this week is to finish the book. I must admit that I am behind, but I am leaving town this week for 6 days. Harley and I are going to bible horsemanship camp! 🙂

As you complete the rest of the book, I hope you will, indeed, make plans for how you will get support that you need to remain faithful or to restart! The Thin Within website has great forums for getting and giving support. You can visit those by clicking here. Select a book or workbook to go through on your own or with an online or real life friend. I highly recommend Get Thin Stay Thin as that goes even deeper into some of the reasons we continue to struggle with this issue.

The workbooks (there are four of them) are available from the Thin Within company and if you visit the website you can order them. There is even a sample week of material you can download or print to see if you like it, first.

Anyhow, I hope you will hang in there and maybe even join us for the next study through the HEAL book! 🙂