Yesterday was Day 2 of the vacation, day 1 being a travel day. The kids coined the name “DC Death March.” Hmm…I wonder why? LOL!

This trip is probably not what the kids expected. You see, they have never been on a “Conquering Vacation” before. They have only been on “Restful Vacations.” There is a HUGE difference!

You see, my dear husband planned this to be the once-in-a-lifetime, you-won’t-have-us-pay-your-way-ever-again “Conquering Vacation.” So, he wants us to accomplish as much as possible. We homeschool and have been studying US History so this is the deal–time to see in REAL life much of what we have seen pictures of or heard about!

To drive home the point of what a “Conquering Vacation” is, here is our itinerary:

Thursday – travel

Friday and Saturday – Washington, D.C.

Sunday and Monday – Williamsburg and surrounding locations

Tuesday – Chincoteque and Ocean City, Maryland

Wednesday – Independence Hall, Philadephia and Dover Speedway in Delaware

Thursday – Lancaster County and Straasburg, Philadephia

Friday – travel back to California

As you can see, this is DEFINITELY, a “Conquering Vacation!”

Yesterday, the first of two days in DC, we hopped hopped hopped from place to place—at times, literally! We definitely got a LOT of exercise!

We took in:

The Library of Congress

The Capitol

Union Station

The National Archives

The White House

The Washington Monument

The Lincoln Memorial

…then we topped it all off by the ulimate…a march across the Potomac on Memorial Bridge!!!

I think our first objection came from the kids just about the time we were at the Capitol! It was a lot of walking and I realized just how much I have allowed my kids to be sedentary. We will have to fix that when we get home! Hubby and I “paid” for that, quite a bit.

However, God provided joy for me in the entire thing…and I hope that helped my family make it through the rather intensive day. For those of you wondering, Daniel has done FABULOUSLY! Thank you for praying! Michaela seems to be getting sick now, though. We definitely need rest!

The eating situation yesterday was intriguing. I managed to eat 0 to 5 the entire day. Hubby got off providing food for us at a restaurant twice… and we foraged on snacks we had packed the rest of the time. I am grateful to God for HoneyMade Graham Crackers and Skippy Peanut Butter! Oh, how I LOVE my peanut butter!

Today, day 3…we were hung up in horrible traffic jams getting to the Metro so it was late by the time we got to DC. For some reason I was feeling REALLY sick. It was almost 90 degrees and I got very light headed! Go figure! I wondered if I was hungry and wanted something that might get sugar into my blood stream quickly, just in case it was low blood sugar. Funny thing…I had two Oreos (the real kind, not the cracker kind! LOL!) and within minutes I was feeling a lot better, thankfully. I have not had an experience like that in a long time, but I have to assume that I missed a hunger signal.

Today, we hoped to tour the Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian and maybe Arlington Cemetery and Mt. Vernon. It was so late by the time we got to DC, though, and with Michaela and I both feeling ill…well, we packed up and headed back soon after we got there. I am disappointed on the one hand, but on the other, I know it is best to let it go.

We drove over 2 hours to get to this wonderful condo. Haven’t seen it by daylight yet, but was able to get internet access. It is getting late, but hubby is out at WalMart getting some “provisions” to last us the three nights and days we will be here. (Gotta go cheap, if at all possible!)

I am blessed that so far, my flesh machinery has NOT been operational! I have been filled with the Joy of the Lord for the most part. I know it is HIS joy, as it is FULL. I have had my moments of being cranky, but God has given me an awareness of it and prayer has stopped that behavior in its tracks.

We went to Chili’s restaurant tonight and I was famished. I guess I should be thankful that when the fajitas arrived they were way too salty for me to eat much. So I didn’t eat outside of 0 and 5 today either. Tonight I felt miserable in my stomach and wondered if it was hunger. Again, my signals DO seem to be a bit messed up. I ate a small snack and the discomfort went away. I have to just trust that the Lord will lay it on my heart if it is something I need to give food to and if it is something that can be “cured” with prayer. So far, so good!

I am keeping a food log, observation and correction chart, *and* a hunger graph! It is in a pad in my travel wallet which hangs kind of like a mini-purse from my neck. It is SO convenient and helps me to stay focused. I want to show it to my co-leader of my live TW group when I return so that I can “stay honest” during this trip and not “go on vacation” from 0 to 5 eating or from obeying the Lord. Vacations will NOT be an excuse for disobeying his sweet voice!

P.S. It is 11:30pm here in Virginia and my young man just came out of his room…not yet able to sleep. He is horribly home sick. After making it through the past couple of days perfectly, I guess he is just letting down. If you don’t mind praying some more for him, I know we can get through. Disrupting his routine is very hard for him…and he misses all our animals at home. Thanks so much!