Hi! If you are happening by “late” and want to join in our study of the Thin Within workbook, but don’t yet have a copy, you can place an order with Pam and Joe Donaldson. Just give a call to 877-729-8932 M-F, 9-5pm Eastern time and let them know you want the “Rebuilding God’s Temple Workbook Kit #1.” If you aren’t sure what it is, visit this link to see a run down about it.

Leaders, my pdf notes for this first session of my group may be found at this link. Please email me if you want the Microsoft Word version to edit for your personal use. Are you using these notes? I would love to hear about it if so.

If you are participating with us, your “assignment” for this week is to:

1.) Do lesson 2 in the Workbook, reading all the material for Lesson 2 and completing the workbook exercises for week 2.

2.) As you read and study, please continue your lists: “What God is Like” and “What God Does.” Use these to start your time each day with 5 minutes (or more) of praise. Thank God for His attributes and for the ways he interacts with humans. I often do this when I feel overwhelmed, down, or tempted. By recounting God’s attributes and saying them out loud, there is something powerful that happens in me. Temptation doesn’t quite have the power it otherwise would and I find my spirits are lifted. Whatever trials are harassing me get put in perspective in light of what an amazing God I have!

3.) Wait for 0 to eat physical food. Stop eating when you are physically satisfied. Ask the Lord to help you clarify physical satisfaction, if it seems unclear.

4.) Prayerfully evaluate if your use of the scale is in its proper place. Does the bathroom scale define what kind of day you have? What if you were to “fast” using the scale for a week? Does the thought bother you? Ask the Lord what he would have you to do about this. Some find it a very helpful tool. Others of us (including me) find that the scale is a tool of condemnation or pride. I can’t seem to get my heart in a place to use it appropriately, so I got rid of mine!

5.) This week, please consider visiting us at the Thin Within Facebook page or Thin Within forums to get and give support to others!

6.) I hope you will come back to the blog tomorrow or Tuesday and read the devotional that I will post here. More, I hope you will respond. I know I haven’t been “around” much. My family is going through a real challenging time and I am not online nearly so much, but I read every comment and respond when I can. I love it when I see you all interacting with one another. Please don’t give up! 🙂

7.) Feel free to comment here in response to any of the above. I would love to hear what God is doing in your lives!

I am praying for you all. Will you pray for me, too? 🙂