I hope that you experienced joy overflowing during the past week as you practiced gratitude! For those continuing in our study of the Thin Within book, be sure to bookmark the new website set up to consolidate all the information for you! I hope you enjoy having everything in one place! I will add to it each time we have a chat or new assignment. You can find assignment links, links to all of the study locations, chat transcripts and more there.

This week’s assignment (part 01):

1.) Continue to keep a cumulative list of all the characteristics of God and how he treats people. Share with us here what some of the attributes of God are that are blessing you! It encourages us to hear!

2.) Continue to take a few minutes at the beginning of your study time each day to praise the Lord for at least three of the things on your list. You can also do this whenever you find yourself focusing on yourself, your weight, your frustration, food…anything! Instead of focusing on those things, take your attributes of God list and focus your heart, mind, thoughts, words on HIM! 🙂

3.) Read and complete Days 4 and 5 material. Day 5 will require a lot of time and prayer for some of us. It took me years to be able to get through this material with my whole heart. I look forward to seeing what God shows me this time, too. If you have questions that come up along the way, don’t hesitate to post them here or at one of the other locations. I check all sites daily (or just about).

4.) Continue to ask the Lord prayerfully if you should use any of the tools that have been introduced in the book so far. Please do not assume you should. Many of us with dieting pasts find ourselves very challenged to walk in freedom if we start tracking anything. But since we know that God IS doing a new thing, it is possible he will lead us to “go there” to see what he is up to! Keep this in prayer. 🙂 Let’s be open to the fact that he may be leading us to trust him in new ways!

5.) Post insights that God gives you while reading. When you post, you encourage others!

6.) Come chat with us! The next real-time chat at the Thin Within website is Tuesday morning 7-8am Pacific time and then Friday we will join together at 5-6pm Pacific time. Click here to find out how.

I am so thankful for Kim! She is now my official “assistant.” I am so thankful for her help and support.

More tomorrow. 🙂

[[ Be sure not to miss the “Devotional” (actually a confession) that I posted before posting this one. You will find it at http://blog.heidibylsma.com/2010/06/lets-make-biblical-choice.html ]]