I am running this morning to do stuff in preparation for Vacation Bible School next week. But I did want to give you the “official tentative” assignment! LOL!

For this week…between now and Sunday June 28th, I will be focusing on the rest of Chapter 7, chapter 8, and chapter 9.

Please continue to keep your list of God’s character and how the authors assert he relates to humans. Again, EVEN BETTER if you add to it from your reading in God’s Word! 🙂

If your list is getting really long now, and I hope it is, each day pick 5 of the things you have written to meditate on (focus your heart and mind on) and to pray a prayer of praise and thanks to God for what that particular thing on your list means to you and how you feel about that. Sometimes, when I am scattered in my thoughts as I pray, I will journal my prayers. Writing them out helps me to focus so much better most of the time!

Hangeth Thou In There! 🙂