Here is our last assignment! Let’s finish well, shall we?

1.) Ongoing assignments to keep at a tiny bit each day or as often as you can:

  • Attributes of God list–don’t give up yet! His character is so broad and expansive! There are still things to learn and new depths to plummet!
  • Praise and prayer time using 5 things from your cumulative attributes of God list
  • Gratitudes – Keep thanking and keep on praising. It will transform your life! TRULY!
  • Forgiveness phrases – Is God using this practice to transform you? I would love to hear about it, if so.

2.)  Take time to carefully read and complete chapters 27, 28, 29, and 30.

3.)  In chapter 27, we are reminded that Jesus invites us to come to him…not for more religious duty or impossible burdens. He doesn’t call us to him so that we might be inspired to be perfect, though knowing him definitely IS inspiring! He calls us, instead to receive rest. As you read the words that open chapter 27, journal an answer to this: “Are you in need of rest? What do you sense God is calling you to release a hold on at this point in your life? What might ‘rest’ look like for you?”

4.)  Of the three reasons for weariness mentioned in chapter 27, to which are you most prone?
           1. Investing yourself in things that are not a part of God’s plan for you?
           2. Investing yourself in godly activities that are beyond God’s plan for you?
           3. A tendency to rely on your own strength when doing that to which God calls?

5.) Chapters 27 and 28 challenge us to evaluate our schedules. As you may know, this is something God has called me to do recently. In what ways can chaos in your schedule lead to chaos in your eating or other areas?

6.) As you complete chapter 27 and 28 what insights do you get from God’s Holy Spirit? Is there anything that you want to share with our study participants?

7.) Chapter 28 hits us between the eyes by pointing out that procrastination is actually delayed obedience which is DISobedience! Share your response to this. What does this have to do with eating within godly parameters?

8.) What are some things that you can do for godly rest and relaxation? Sometimes the things we do aren’t terribly rejuvenating! Submit the things that you tend to do “for fun” to the Lord and ask him if these things are, in fact, “re-creational”–do they help to re-create your spirit, soul, mind, and body? If you feel inclined, share with us here!

9.) I love day 29, as it challenges us to think about what is next. If you have been involved in studying the book with us, what will you do next? Again, I want to challenge you to consider doing something “in real life,” face-to-face with people! God created us for community. When we isolate behind computer screens we deny ourselves some of the blessings we were created to benefit from!

10.) Do the survey on pages 309 – 312. Compare your answers to the survey you did three months ago! You will find that initial survey in the “Before You Begin” section of the book, on pages xvii – xx. What is different? What is the same? What do you think about this? I would love to hear what God shows you!

11.) Compare the survey in Day 30 with the one you took 12 weeks ago on pages 16 – 17. If you feel so led, please share with us your answers to the questions on the bottom of page 321.

12.) Take time to come to our final CELEBRATION chat on Friday evening, September 3rd. We are meeting 5-6pm Pacific Time (7-8pm Central or 8-9pm Eastern). Come ready to share ways that you have seen God growing you through the past 12 weeks. What physical, emotional, or spiritual changes have you seen? How has studying the attributes of God, practicing praise, gratitude, and forgiveness affected your view of yourself, God, and others?

13.) Will you continue to pray for us as we all finish out this week together? 🙂

You are so dear to me. I hope you will all CHIME IN THIS WEEK! 🙂 Let’s finish well! 😀