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Welcome to our final week of studying through Barb Raveling’s Weight Loss Bible Study. We have plans to revisit this material in the future–for sure!

This week, we will look at the pressure we feel in social settings. (If you subscribe via email, you may need to come to the blog site to view the video)

This week, please complete Barb’s Day 15 of her study, “Social Eating.” You can find those questions at this link here.

Additionally, I will be adding another study/question set for you to do on “Preventative Eating.” So you will still have two days worth of material to get through. I love that we have been taking our time with this material, wading through it slowly. Before we begin our next study, there is time to complete any of that material you may not have had time for or to review the material that God brought home to your heart. We will do that next week, in fact.

Please keep renewing your mind about your renewing of the mind goal or the adjusted renewing of the mind goal that you have established. How has that gone for you? I found that I “forgot” to include that in my routine and so what a surprise! I ended up with my resolve diminishing and then it was easier for me to justify eating outside of my boundaries!

Today, I am recommitting to renewing my mind! Will you join me?

Do you have any potential social situations this week that you may need to make a plan for? What plan might work for you to emerge victorious?