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How important is it to you to be thin? Do you feel like losing weight will solve problems in your life and just, well, make you happier? What if God were to offer you a wonderful change in your character, a heart that is being conformed to his, a mind that is not burdened, yet you weren’t as thin as you think you should be. Would that be ok?

This week, we have the opportunity to evaluate the premium we place on thinness and if we are thinking God’s thoughts about it or if we have some work to do renewing our minds about how we think about weight and size. I hope that you are encouraged even though the material may be convicting!

We will also have a look at Entitlement Eating–another BIGGEE in motivating much of our eating outside of our boundaries.

We are already in Week three of our Weight Loss Bible Study with a Thin Within Spin. 🙂 If you are subscribed to this blog with  email or another reader and the video doesn’t show up, please visit the blog site and check out the video.  Here is what is going on this week:


So, this week, be sure to:

  • Continue with your renewing your mind goal and taking time to try renewing of the mind.
  • Can you resolve to not eat outside your boundaries for three days this week?
  • If you haven’t tried Truth Journaling yet, give it a go.
  • Read and do the questions and journaling activities for Barb’s Bible Study Day 5.
  • Read and do the questions and journaling activites for Barb’s Bible Study Day 6.
  • Continue to post here. Each time you do, it enters you in the drawing for a free book or free coaching…each Friday, I draw a name. The lucky winner gets to pick either a Thin Within book, a Hunger Within book, or a free week of coaching. Not only that, but you all are such GREAT support for one another! THANK YOU again!