I can hardly believe this is week 6 of Barb Raveling’s Weight Loss Bible Study! It has been going by so fast.

And it sure seems like a lot of you are experiencing some great breakthroughs. I have gotten to visit with some of you on the phone, in Skype, and in email and WOW! Your stories are amazing!

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This week we get to deal with yet more pertinent issues related to the way we think that affects our eating. Here is a video about the first part of the week (the rest will come later this week):

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I am editing this post because God led me to do some renewing of my mind about “This is Hard.” I want to share this with you. You can make a list like this and then read it out loud daily for your own “renewing of the mind” experience:

This IS HARD.  That is true.


God will use this FACT and make me more beautiful – more Christlike inside and out through the hardship.

I will persevere

When it is hard, I am perfectly poised to see God show up.

In my weakness, he will be made strong and visible.

When it is hard, I get to see HIM as the Redeemer.

I CAN keep going when it is hard.

I HAVE to keep going when it is hard.

He never promises that Life will be easy.

I share in the fellowship of the sufferings of Christ.

THIS IS LIFE! Life IS hard!

This is training for more challenging things in the future.

As I just DEAL with it and GET OVER MY DESIRE FOR EVERYTHING TO BE EASY I will develop and grow and change and be a better person—the one that God has placed me on this earth to be.

When life is hard, when eating 0 to 5 is hard, I know that I am becoming more like Christ. I am being trained to BUCK up for things yet ahead in my life.

I can PRAISE my God through this trial and blow the lid off of my own piddly expectations! GOD IS GREAT and He will show me His glory!

Satan doesn’t get to have his way with me.

LIFE IS HARD and I can LOVE it that way because I KNOW that this is for my good and God’s glory.

Through this being so hard, I get to develop a deep dependency, a greater intimacy with my God!

This week, your assignment (and mine) is the following:

  1. Evaluate your renewing of the mind goal that you set earlier. Do you need to adjust it? Do you need to recommit to it? If so, do it! What do you need to think differently about?
  2. Early on, Barb challenged us to commit to three days of staying within our boundaries. How about doing it again this week? Can you commit to just THREE days? Three days of saying YES to God and the boundaries that he has set for you? 🙂
  3. Complete Day 11 – Following my boundaries – Losing Weight – is HARD Eating of Barb’s Bible Study.
  4. Complete Day 12 – Hopeless Eating of Barb’s Bible Study.
  5. Continue to journal about the questions Barb asks and share with our community here. I know we are in the final stretches, but let’s finish STRONG! If you aren’t at the pace that I am posting at here at the blog, go at your own pace! 🙂

What has been the most rewarding thing about this study for you so far? What has been the most challenging thing?